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Video transcript

Hey everybody. it’s Natasha Natasha’s Kitchen dot com and today. I’m gonna show you how to make homemade churros. We’re gonna have fun today. This is is probably probably one one of of the the the best best best things things things that’s that’s that’s ever ever ever ever happened happened happened. happened to to to me. me me me and and and possibly possibly possibly one one. one of of the the worst worst because because. they are. good. good. good. good. So So. So So let’s let’s let’s get get get started. started. started. We’ll start with the dough in a medium saucepan, combine half a Cup of whole milk half a Cup of water, eight tablespoons of unsalted butter, one teaspoon of sugar and a quarter teaspoon of salt bring that to a boil medium heat, stirring frequently. Remove it from the heat and stir in one Cup of flour all at once with a wooden spoon. once it’s incorporated put it back on the heat and continue stirring another two minutes to release any extra moisture and partially cook the flour. the dough dough should should come come come together together together together into into into into. a a a smooth smooth smooth smooth ball. ball ball ball and and and you’ll you’ll. you’ll see see a a thin thin film. film form on the. of of of of the the the the the pan. pan. pan. pan. pan. That’s That’s That’s That’s when. when when when you you you know know know it’s it’s. it’s done. done. Transfer the dough to a large mixing Bowl and then use an electric mixer to beat the mixture on medium speed to cool it down slightly slightly be be for for a a a total total total of of of two two two two minutes. minutes, minutes, minutes and and and and you you you you can. can can can use use use a a a stand stand stand. mixer mixer if if you. you prefer. Keeping the mixer on medium speed, we will add four large cold eggs, eggs. eggs, add Add add the the the eggs eggs eggs eggs one one one one. at at at a a a time. time time, allowing allowing them them to to. fully incorporate. incorporate before before before before adding adding. adding adding the the the next. next next one. one. Once all of the eggs are in scrape down the Bowl as needed and and continue continue beating beating beating just just just until until until the the the dough dough dough dough is is. is is smooth smooth smooth smooth and and and. and forms forms forms a a a thick thick. thick ribbon ribbon when when you you pull pull. up on the. Should have a thick and smooth consistency. We have a pastry bag ready here fitted with a Wilton one M, which is a large open star tip. I’ll leave a link to this in the notes along with all of our favorite tools used to make this recipe to easily fill a pastry bag. wrap the outer edge of it around your hand, then fill it about half full to make make it it easier easier to to to pipe pipe. pipe. you you you don’t don’t don’t wanna wanna. wanna wanna overfill overfill overfill overfill it it. it it and and and you you you can can can always always. always refill refill the. the pastry bag. later push push the the. batter down toward. A tip then twist the back to seal it. The batter is ready. You’ll also wanna make your cinnamon sugar ahead of time, so it’s ready to dip the turtles as they come out of the hot oil in a shallow Bowl combine half a Cup of sugar and one teaspoon of cinnamon and set that aside our last step is to fry the churros, you’ll need a large pot or Dutch oven. I have my candy thermometer clipped on to the side, but you can also use an instant. read thermometer add two inches. Vegetable oil or canola oil and heat that over medium heat to 370 degrees Fahrenheit cut six inch lengths of dough into the hot oil cutting off the ends with scissors. Keeping the oil between 350 and 370 degrees Fahrenheit by the Charles for about one and a half minutes per side, turning with toss what I love about this clip on the thermometer is I don’t have to keep keep checking checking the the oil oil oil temperature. temperature. temperature. temperature. It’ll It’ll It’ll always. always always tell tell tell me me me and. and and I I will will link link to to this this. in the notes. You want a pipe about five or six turtles at a time depending on how long you pipe them, but do not overcrowd your pan or it will cool down the oil too quickly when they’re done, they they should should should be be be beautifully. beautifully beautifully beautifully Golden Golden Golden Brown. Brown Brown Brown in in in color. color color, then. then transfer them to a paper. lined lined. lined plate. plate. Alright, one last step because this wouldn’t be churros without our cinnamon sugar topping you’re gonna take them while they’re still warm because that’s when the cinnamon sugar sticks the best and put it right into that mixture. Roll it around give it a good sprinkling, be generous. My goodness look at that. That’s what I’m talking about. Alright and we are gonna go right into the taste test. so let me just make a few to indulge in you can’t when you make churros Okay. Alright. And now here is where things get really serious because you can also make dips to go with this. so we have a homemade caramel sauce and you can use a chocolate ganache and we have a a recipe recipe for for both both on on on our our our site site site and and and I I I I will will will will link link link link in in in in the the the the notes notes notes notes to. to to to those those those but but. but. so you just take. Warm caramel sauce and you dip the churro right in. Give a little swirl. I’m I’m excited. Okay, so we have a salted caramel, but it is a really a good idea to add just a little pinch of salt to balance the sweetness and because it’s just a really good combination. here we go. you’re you’re ready. ready. I’m I’m ready. ready. I’ve. I’ve I’ve been been ready. ready. ready. ready. I I I was was was born. born born ready. ready. This is so much better than any Carr that you’ll try. I want you to look inside. Okay. The texture is just melt in your mouth. delicious look at that and it’s so easy to master them at home. I hope you guys give this a try also did you know this is the exact same dough that I used to make our eli’s and cream puffs. So once you have have this this down, down, down, you’re you’re you’re gonna gonna gonna be be be be a. a a a master master master of of of baking. baking. baking. baking. It It It is is is such such such an an. an easy easy dough. dough. It’s It’s called called. two. And you got this okay here we go. Alright. You want more okay here you go take it. Oh you want that one. alright. Oh you want to wait. What do you think?

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