Statewide coronavirus update: Indiana expands vaccine eligibility to age 70 and older

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India reports nearly 3 lakh new Covid cases, 2,023 deaths in 24 hoursIndia reported the highest-ever spike of COVID cases
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After getting the COVID-19 vaccine, seniors looking forward to getting out again

Marion County Public Health Dept. vaccine clinics open. People 80 years old and over can now register for an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kelly Wilkinson,

People in Indiana age 70 or older can now register to receive the coronavirus vaccine through the state’s website. 

Although the main page of the state’s vaccine dashboard,, still said early Wednesday that registration is limited to those 80 and over, people who clicked on the appointment link found that those over 70 were able to register.

After being contacted by IndyStar, the state sent out a statement just before 10 a.m. that registration officially was open for those over 70. 

Nearly 150 vaccination sites exist around the state. All but one of the 92 county health departments offers a vaccination clinic.

Last Friday, the state started allowing seniors over age 80 to register for vaccine appointments. As of earlier this week, nearly 86,000 people in that age group had scheduled appointments, state health officials said.

Other groups eligible to sign up are long-term-care facility residents, first responders and health care workers. 

As of Tuesday at noon, more than 204,000 people in Indiana had received their first dose of vaccine, according to the state’s vaccine dashboard, which is updated daily. More than 31,000 had received both doses of vaccine.

To schedule a vaccine visit the state website at

— Shari Rudavsky

Indiana reports 3,686 cases, 59 deaths

Indiana reported 3,686 new cases of coronavirus Wednesday and an additional 59 deaths.

The report offered good news and bad news. It marks the third day in a row of new case counts under 4,000, suggesting that the coronavirus may be slightly loosening its grip on Indiana.

But the state’s county metrics map shifted further red, with all but 19 counties falling into the category of greatest spread. All other counties were red. Last week’s map put 27 counties into the orange category.  

All but 15 counties in the state now face the highest level of restrictions. 

Newton is the only county in the state to see fewer than 200 weekly cases of coronavirus per 100,000 population.

As the state rolled out the vaccine to those 70 and above — the latest group to become eligible — far more individuals received their first dose of vaccine in the past 24 hours than a positive COVID-19 test result. More than 15,500 first doses of vaccine were reported in the past 24 hours and an additional 8,800 people received their second dose.

Here are some other statistics of note:

  • People in Indiana hospitals with COVID-19: 2,484.
  • State positivity rates (seven-day rate as of Jan. 6): For all tests performed, 16.1%. For unique individuals, 27.%.
  • Initial doses of vaccine administered: 219,885. Of those, 15,566 reported in past 24 hours.
  • Fully vaccinated Hoosiers: 40,281. Of those, 8,851 were reported in past 24 hours.
  • Intensive care unit-bed availability: 25% of 2,140 beds. 25.7% of beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients.
  • Ventilator availability: 73.2% of 2,797.
  • Average number of deaths a day as of Jan. 6: 62.
  • Regenstrief Institute estimate of how many people are currently infected: 37,218.
  • Counties with 100 or more newly reported cases: Marion (449), Hamilton (194), Allen (182), Vanderburgh (173), Lake (167), St. Joseph (162),  Clark (108), Hendricks (107), Elkhart (100).
  • Other counties with 50 or more newly reported cases: Madison (88), Johnson (84), Tippecanoe (83), Porter (80), Howard (73), Delaware (64), Kosciusko (60), LaPorte (60), Warrick (56), Hancock (55), Dubois (52), Monroe (52).
  • Other counties with 20 or more newly reported cases: Montgomery (48), Floyd (44), Vigo (44), Gibson (40), Grant (35), Wayne (34), Boone (32), Marshall (32), Henry (31), Morgan (31), Bartholomew (30), Cass (30), Harrison (29), Posey (28), Wells (28), Adams (27), Putnam (27), Noble (26), Wabash (25), Dearborn (23), Jackson (21), Shelby (23), Rush (21), Fountain (21), Miami (21), Lawrence (20).
  • Counties with a 10% or lower seven-day positivity rate: Wabash, Monroe, and Vigo. All others are higher than 10%.

— Shari Rudavsky

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