Basic Plain & Soft Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe Without Oven | Yummy

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Basic Plain & Soft Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe Without Oven | Yummy

WELCOME TO YUMMY TODAY’S RECIPE IS Basic Plain & Soft Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe Without Oven | Yummy INGREDIENTS: Basic plain vanilla cake 2 eggs Vanilla 1 tsp Beat for 1 mins Sugar 2/3 cup Add gradually Beat until foamy consistency Oil 1/2 cup Beat for 1 mins All purpose flour 1 cup Baking powder 1 tsp Add gradually Milk 1/4 cup 7 inch pan Brush oil Place baking paper Place a stand & heat the pan for 5 mins on medium flame After 5 mins place the mould Cook it on low flame for 30-40 mins or bake in a preheated oven at 160c for 30-40 mins NOTE: 1 CUP = 250 ML SUBSCRIBE HERE Official Facebook Page Follow Me on Pinterest Follow US On Instagram

Basic Plain & Soft Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe Without Oven | Yummy

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