leftover roti kofta curry recipe | बची रोटी के कोफ़्ते टेस्टी ग्रेवी सब्ज़ी | bachi roti ke kofta

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leftover roti kofta curry recipe | बची रोटी के कोफ़्ते टेस्टी ग्रेवी सब्ज़ी | bachi roti ke kofta

full recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/leftover-roti-kofta-curry-recipe/ leftover roti kofta curry recipe | basi chapati ke kofte | bachi roti ke kofta with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple gravy based curry recipe made with leftover rotis and potato kofte. it is an ideal sabji recipe that is not only an ideal alternative to the malai kofta but also consumes any leftover rotis. these koftas can be easily used in any type of recipe including the biriyani, pulao or even served as a deep-fried snack. leftover roti kofta curry recipe | basi chapati ke kofte | bachi roti ke kofta with step by step photo and video recipe. kofta recipes are extremely popular not just in india, but also in other countries too. generally, these kofta’s are made with either choice of meat or with mixed vegetables or paneer. but you may also prepare these with leftover roti, chapati or even naan to prepare an ideal gravy based sabji curry for your lunch and dinner. Music: http://www.hooksounds.com/ #hebbarskitchen

leftover roti kofta curry recipe | बची रोटी के कोफ़्ते टेस्टी ग्रेवी सब्ज़ी | bachi roti ke kofta

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