Best Christmas Desserts 2019

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Best Christmas Desserts 2019

Pastry and Food PhotographyGetty Images

It’s a hard job eating our way through the long list of the best supermarket Christmas desserts in our taste test this year but we soldiered through!

The team were impressed by the level of exciting options on offer from the supermarkets: blackcurrant and licorice cheesecakes went head-to-head with caramel drenched 3D Christmas cottages, perfectly layered pavlovas and even a gold-lustred passionfruit sleigh!

We tasted 22 desserts but only one can take centre stage this Christmas and our winning one is a moreish, indulgent delight.

All prices are subject to change.


WINNER: M&S Sticky Toffee Pudding Trifle

Overall Score: 86/100

M&S Sticky Toffee Pudding Trifle was the winner of our best showstopping Christmas desserts. With soft, light caramelised sponge and generous layers of whipping cream, velvety custard and a sticky toffee sauce, this pudding is cause for celebration in itself. Crunchy pieces of butterscotch add satisfying bite and the fresh cream cuts wonderfully through the sweetness of the dark caramelised toffee.

This pudding came first in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

BUY NOW M&S, £12 for 1kg.


RUNNER-UP: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Triple Chocolate Puddings

Overall Score: 85/100

Sainsbury’s was runner-up in our best showstopping Christmas desserts. With an enticingly bitter Belgian chocolate aroma, these individual puddings are a decadent way to cap a meal. Topped with a silver pewter star for opulence and sprinkled in silver lustre these are intensely chocolatey. We enjoyed the light mousse and soft chocolate sponge hidden beneath the the crack of the milk chocolate shell.

These puddings came second in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

Sainsbury’s, £12 for 6 x 80g mini puddings


Lathams Dessert Delight Selection

Overall Score: 83/100

Creamy, candy-coloured cheesecakes with a pleasingly crunchy shortbread or Oreo-cookie base, flavours include peanut butter and chocolate, Manchester Tart, blackcurrant and liquorice and espresso. Testers loved the complex taste of the liquorice and blackcurrant cake and the caramel hit of the chocolate peanut one. However, some found the sharp, milky taste a little too prominent in the coffee flavour. Though delicious, they are best enjoyed in small bites as the bold flavours become a little too sickly towards the end.

This dessert selection of cheesecakes came joint third in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

BUY NOW Booths, £16 for 330g


Field Fare Chocolate Torte

Overall Score: 83/100

A dense, velvety chocolate torte with coconut marbling and an intensely dark chocolate flavour. Not quite as showstopping as other desserts but definitely a contender in taste. Sweet and gently coconutty, with a nutty almond base that adds a pleasing crunch. Some testers found it a little too rich but overall our panel agreed it’s a cracking dessert that just so happens to be vegan and gluten free.

This dessert came joint third in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

BUY NOW Field Fare, £5.49 for 330g


Aldi Pavlova Stack – Raspberry & White Chocolate

Overall Score 82/100

Temptingly creamy and bright with lashings of colourful raspberry coulis drizzled throughout adding a pop of colour and a crisp, melt-in-your-mouth meringue. The tart smell and taste of the raspberries complement the fresh, light cream, which reminded some testers of an Eton mess. Overall a refreshing and light eat.

This dessert came fifth in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

Aldi, £4.99 for 430g


Lidl Deluxe Chocolate Cottage filled with a chocolate mousse, salted caramel sauce and a chocolate pouring sauce

Overall Score: 80/100

This dessert is stunningly theatrical with hot chocolate sauce poured into the chimney of the cottage, bubbling gently before softening the thick chocolate shell just enough to dig into the gooey, salted-caramel filling. The taste of light, fresh chocolate mousse is bolstered by a heavy dose of runny caramel held up by a crunchy biscuit base. Pops of crunch from the white chocolate malted balls were a win with our panel who loved the variety of textures but the dessert’s overindulgent flavour got the better of some who felt it was too sweet.

This dessert came joint sixth in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

Lidl, £6.99 for 820g


Tesco Finest Blackforest Christmas Tree Pots

Overall Score: 80/100

This edible chocolate pot is layered beautifully with a juicy black cherry compote and an airy Belgian chocolate mousse finished off with a sprinkling of crushed chocolate cookie crumbs and a chocolate tree. Balanced in flavour, its bitter cocoa notes from the mousse were complimented by the tart yet sweet taste of the cherry. Though delicious the flavour was a little too simple for our panel’s palettes who were hoping for something a bit more exciting for the season.

This dessert came joint sixth in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

Tesco, £8 for 232g


ASDA Extra Special Winter Village Millionaire Bowl Dessert

Overall Score: 79/100

This dessert has sopious amounts of thick Belgian white chocolate mousse and a milk chocolate ganache and is topped with a festive winter scene of individual houses. Filled with caramel the bronze-lustred chocolate village conceals a rich and decadent filling. Layers of gooey caramel sauce compliment the mousse and ganache while the smattering of chocolate covered honeycomb pieces add a wonderful crunch. We enjoyed tucking into the digestive biscuit base however some noted its caramel sweetness was a little overwhelming.

This dessert came joint eighth in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

ASDA, £8 for 785g


Tesco Finest Passion Fruit Santa’s Sleigh

Overall Score: 79/100

Kids will absolutely love the detailed chocolate reindeers imbedded in thick swirls of cream in this dessert. Huge cubes of gold-glittered Victoria sponge, silver-lustred snowballs and shards of gold-webbed chocolate on a bed of bright passionfruit glaze add an additional festive punch. Loved for its light and refreshing flavour, the dessert’s tart and zingy citrus taste is paired perfectly with the fresh cream and passionfruit for a wonderful palette cleanser. Pillow-y vanilla sponge was a win with our panel but the lingering taste was just a little on the sweet side.

This dessert came joint eighth in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

Tesco, £8 for 640g


Iceland Five Gold Rings

Overall Score: 78/100

This dessert is for guests with a sweet tooth. Watch hot chocolate sauce run from the well at the top of pudding right the way round ending up in a gloriously messy puddle at base of the dessert. Though tough to bite into, it was a pleasure to crack through the deliciously bitter dark chocolate shell. A chocolate biscuit is layered with a whipped chocolate mousse and thick caramel sauce the combination which was likened to Cadbury’s Caramel. The pudding is pleasingly varied in texture. However, some found it a little on the sickly-sweet side and synthetic.

This dessert came joint tenth in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

Iceland, £7 for 675g


Co-op Irresistible Spiced Salted Caramel Roulade

Overall score: 78/100

This stunning gold dusted roulade is filled with a spiced caramel sauce and whipped cream. The crunchy yet enjoyably chewy meringue is encrusted with pecan nut pieces for a deeper nutty flavour and extra bite. Rich warming Christmassy spices were a hit with testers noting a deep cinnamon scent amongst the sweet caramel aroma. The combination of pecans with the butterscotch-like caramel gave this dessert wonderful flavour which some likened to speculoos. However, we craved more of the fresh cream to kill some of the sweetness.

This dessert came joint tenth in our best showstopping Christmas desserts taste test.

Co-op, £4 for 695g


We also tested…

Pleesecake Fully Loaded Black Forest Cheesecake 77/100, Ocado £60 for 2.3kg serves 10-12

Waitrose Chocolate, Caramel & Vanilla Choux Wreath 77/100, £13 for 695g

Donald Russell Luxury Chocolate Trio Dessert 76/100, £24.50 for 490g

Meg Rivers Chocolate & Orange Wreath Cake 76/100, £44 for 1.8kg

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Belgian White Chocolate & Raspberry Snow Domes 73/100, £12 for 970g (serves 10-12)

Waitrose Heston The Fig & Port Cheesecake 73/100, £12 for 675g

COOK Chocolate & Hazelnut Meringue Parfait 72/100, £6 for 2 portions

Morrisons The Best Pannacotta Star 71/100, £7 for 750g

Daylesford Orange & Amaretti Trifle 71/100, £18 for 1.1kg

Aldi Pavlova Stack – Salted Caramel 71/100, £4.99 for 430g

Wholefoods Egg Nog Cake 63/100, £18 for 540g


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