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Maison Martin Margiela is a world famous fashion house founded in 1988 in Paris. Unlike many other brands of this nature, MM, along with ordinary luxury sneakers, releases terribly experimental pairs, the essence of which, we are sure, you are unlikely to fully understand.

Some of them will seem interesting options to you, but no patta more, and some will make you reconsider your attitude to shoes. In any case, look at these sneakers as a kind of art, terribly incomprehensible and expensive for the average user.

We want to tell you about the last three sneakers released under the Maison Margiela brand. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth continuing to cover such news from high fashion.

Maison Margiela Patchwork Sneakers

The effect of artificial aging, the delave effect, if the latter concept can still be attributed to sneakers, is the main feature of this pair. No, no need to be outraged that for some $ 1,004 they offer you a strange thing straight from a second-hand store. On the contrary, worn noses and darkened skin highlight the many asymmetric patches, after which this model is named.

The white rubber outsole, also heavily worn, hides traces of a gum sole. The patch with the size, country of production (Italy) and article number found its place on the outside of the sneakers. Maison Margiela Patchwork Sneakers are now available from many retailers. An example is Wrong Weather .

Maison Margiela “Leave A Message” Replica Sneakers

Replica Sneakers are associated with the classics of premium sneakers. They are made of expensive leather, made of very high quality, have a sufficient number of colors, but for all that, their design is completely boring and of little interest.

This model is presented in an all-white upper with a beige interior, beige laces and a gum sole. The entire leather upper is a little wrinkled, not that much like on the last pair, but it seems that they are already a little worn. Do you think the colors here are so boring? No matter how.

The thing is that along with the sneakers, the kit comes with a branded ballpoint pen, with which you can come up with your own drawing, or just sign it, as Igor and Sevil did in the official photo.

Maison Margiela Destroyed Future Sneaker

Future High-Top (without the Destroyed signature) is another model that is incredibly popular with many people who are somehow connected with fashion. This silhouette was mentioned by A$AP Rocky in his song “Goldie”, and Kanye West wore his hi-tops many times during the “Yeezus” tour. One way or another, something terrible happened to these high-tops.

If the previous two pairs had the usual worn out effect, then in this case it is highly exaggerated. Instead of scuffs and wrinkled leather, there are carelessly torn parts and heavily worn areas that are clearly beyond repair (the sole, by the way, remained intact).

Another difference from previous models is that this pair was clearly trying to be restored. stapler. The staples were clearly not spared, so the sneakers definitely won’t patta fall apart on the go. The Destroyed Future Sneaker does not have the classic velcro found on the classic silhouette, and therefore they fix the leg with a strange lacing system, the operation of which we could not understand.

At the moment, this pair can only be found in single sizes, with a discount of about $500.($997 instead of $1425) . Despite such an extraordinary look, there is something certain about her, so now this is the most favorite pair of one of the editors. No kidding.

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