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Cyclical Ketogenic Diet For a Healthier Body

Nowadays, low carbohydrate diets have become “THE FAD” for almost everyone in America, who are looking forward to losing weight. From school teachers, college teenagers, housewives, to models, actresses and bodybuilders.

However, there is a big difference between those who follow Atkins diet and those following a cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD). Atkins diet plan is a low carb plan for the ones who are quite sedentary in their day to day life. It majorly focuses on the carb consumption leaving aside the monitoring of protein and fat. Unlike Atkins, the cyclical keto diet is for the ones who are into fat loss and muscle preservation simultaneously.

And the reason why these Ketogenic diets are popular again is that they actually work and give every good reason to keep it doing. Here are few:

  1. Energy: Following a ketogenic diet, your body gets used to utilizing ketones as the main source of energy instead of carbs. And the energy received from ketones is much better than as compared to the one received from carbs.
  2. Fat burn gets easier: Ketosis generally happens when body’s glucose level goes down and it starts using the stored fat as fuel to perform bodily functions.
  3. Loss fat not muscles: It is not easy to burn fat without losing some muscle and most people end up losing muscles in place of fat, when it comes to following a diet. And cyclical ketogenic diet is a perfect way of losing any excess fat without compromising with the bodily internal functions and compositions.
  4. No more hunger pangs: A ketogenic diet keep you full for hours thus giving thus preventing any odd-time hunger pangs. When you eat less, and with eating less, we are referring to limiting the intake of excess calories, you tend to loss weight.
  5. Helps cure health ailments: If you are a diabetic patient, the ketogenic diet is a miracle for you. Consuming sugar more than needed by the body raises the blood sugar level causing diabetes. A ketogenic diet let you have the regulated amount of carbs without altering the blood sugar and insulin resistance level.

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Triglycerides Reduction Home Remedies

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Triglycerides Reduction Home Remedies

Triglycerides Reduction Home Remedies …

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Triglycerides Reduction Home Remedies. Get Instant Quality Results Now! Explore the Best Info. Powerful and Easy to Use. …


Fiona Alsop

Triglycerides Reduction Home Remedies

Fiona Alsop

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Triglycerides Reduction Home Remedies. Get Instant Quality Results Now! Explore the Best Info. Powerful and Easy to Use. . Keto Calorie Calculator. 1000 Calorie Ketogenic Diet Menu Pdf. Customizable Keto Meal Planner. Keto Chocolate Brownies Recipes Easy.

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