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Ever wondered how all the huge Hollywood actors started? They obviously didn’t just show up on the greatest movies right away. That’s how it works, even for the big stars.

Here you will see their first acting roles whether it was in a movie or a TV-show. Get ready to be surprised!

Who doesn’t remember Will Smith as a street-smart teenager in this cheesy TV sitcom with the very much familiar theme song that was written and performed by the actor himself. After shooting for six season he suddenly got big parts in movies like Bad Boys and Men in Black.

Tommy Lee Jones made his film debut in this romantic movie where he had a small role, but you maybe remember him more from classics like Men in Black and No Country For Old Men.

This horror movie marked the first movie appearance of actor Tom Hanks who played a relatively small part as Elliot. After that his talent couldn’t be stopped; he played the main characters in many great movies like The Green Mile, Forrest Gump and The Da Vinci Code.

Silvester Stallone is almost unrecognizable in his first role in a softcore adult film for which he worked two days and was paid only $200. He said himself that he was desperate because he found himself homeless for several days where he slept in the New York City Port Authority bus station, and he badly needed some money. Today most people know him as Rambo or Rocky.

In this satirical film about men avoiding the Vietnam War draft, a young Robert De Niro appears. Shortly after that he got his big role as Vito Corleone in The Godfather II, and he has recently played in the movie “Little Fockers”, where he also is the producer.

Owen Wilson’s first appearance as an actor was in the comedy “Bottle Rocket” where he actually acted with his older brother Luke Wilson. He is today maybe most known for the movie Starsky & Hutch, and the Fockers-movies.

In 3 episodes of the TV show Casualty Orlando Bloom played a small part, before he soon afterward got to play the elf Legolas in the first part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy which for him was a success.

Michael Douglas started his film career as a hippie in this 1969 drama movie which he was nominated for a Golden Globe because of his performance. Not a bad start.

“Mom, do you want my green stuff?” was the only line he got in this movie while eating a lobster. Now he has way bigger roles, like the ones in The Bourne movies, and in Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13.

Considered the greatest movie actor of all time Marlon Brando did a significant acting job in his first movie. But all maybe remember him better from the Superman movies.

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