13 Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden Ideas | Soda Bottle Garden

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These 13 plastic bottle vertical garden ideas will interest you if you are a creative person, DIY lover and love to grow plants.

Repurpose those old bottles, which you usually throw away to grow your favorite plants either indoor or outdoor and help to save our environment.

Here are 13 inspiring plastic bottle vertical garden ideas to make a vertical soda bottle garden.

1. Window Farm


If you love DIY ideas and you have a green thumb then starting a windowfarm is a smart idea. A windowfarm will let you do a lot with the little amount of space you have. The indoor windowfarms allow the crops to take full advantage of the light and vertical space available at the windows. In this PDF, find all the instructions on how to build a Window Farm.

2. Plastic Bottles on Walls

RosenbaumFollow this rare to find idea for growing small leafy vegetables and herbs. This plastic bottle vertical garden is made of by stringing the bottles horizontally in a grid along an interior wall, which then filled up by substrate and herbs.

Source: Rosenbaum.com.br

3. Plastic Bottle Tower Garden

Tower GardeningA remarkable kitchen garden with plastic bottles with minimal means and efforts. It can be set up easily and does not require regular watering. Here is the tutorial with more images of it.

4. Growing Cactus in Hanging Plastic Bottles

cactus planter

Do you want to create a low maintenance vertical soda bottle garden? Follow this idea. All that is required is bottles cut in half, cactus plants or succulents, and many colorful threads to get a really cool decorative effect. Here is the complete tutorial.

Also Read: DIY Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

5. Half Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden on Wooden Frame

Use two-liter soda bottles cut them in half and use the neck side. Turn them upside down. Adhere the bottles to a wooden frame and arrange them in such a way so that the open neck of the bottle will drain out the water into the bottle below it.

Follow this tutorial to find out more about this garden project.

6. Green Soda Bottle Vertical Garden

3980313741_e0ef1bf885_oHere’s another idea to create a vertical garden using the plastic bottles. It is a great way to reuse old plastic bottles and to introduce some greenery to a small urban space.

Source: Flickr

7. Another Vertical Garden

Singapore Vertical GardenOne more wonderful idea to make use of plastic bottles, more useful if you don’t have much space on the ground.

Source: Dreamandgrowit

8. Bottles Hanging on String

Container GardeningA hanging plastic bottle garden to optimize the vertical space. In this post of Containergardening.wordpress.com, you’ll see more useful images and ideas.

Source: Container Gardening

9. Plastic Bottles Hanging on Net


Another excellent idea on using plastic bottles vertically.

Source: Straitstimes

10. Inspiring Plastic Bottle Garden


Plastic bottles are mounted on the wall for utilizing the vertical space. Bushy and trailing plants like lettuces and strawberries hide the structure, creating a nice ‘green wall’ effect.

Source: Tumblr

11. Hanging Soda Bottle Garden

plastic bottle vertical garden

Another innovative and great looking plastic bottle vertical garden. Bottles are hanging horizontally, attached to the strings.

12. Vertical Plastic Bottle Herb Garden

balcony herb garden (3)_mini

Want to grow herbs, but no space? Well, even a wooden plank is enough. All you need is some plastic bottles, hooks, nails, and hammer and you’re all set to grow your own herbs. Be sure to check out our post on balcony herb garden ideas to find out more ideas like that.

13. Pyramid Plastic Bottle Garden

A vertical pyramid garden with plastic bottles and wood

A vertical pyramid garden made of plastic bottles.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Also Read: DIY Uses Of Plastic Bags In The Garden

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